Emails Associated with Gift Cards

In this article, you will see the following:

  • List of emails associated with Gift Card purchase
  • Examples of emails (images)
  • Customizing recipient's email

List of emails associated with Gift Card purchase

There are three emails sent when a gift card is purchased

  1. Order confirmation email to the purchaser of the gift card
  2. Order confirmation email to the merchant
  3. Gift card code email sent to the recipient

Examples of emails (images)

The first email is sent to the customer confirming their purchase.

The second email is sent to the merchant confirming the purchase of the gift card.

The third email is sent to the recipient of the gift card.

Customizing recipient's email

When a Gift Card is purchased, the recipient's email includes.

  1. The purchaser's information
  2. The value of the Gift Card
  3. The name of the business
  4. A personal message, if provided
  5. Redemption instructions
  6. The Gift Card redemption code
  7. A link to track the Gift Card balance

You can customize two simple things here by  editing your gift card:

  1. Include an image by uploading it to the gift card from the "Image" tab
  2. Customize the redemption instructions by editing the section under "Email Receipts" tab

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