Setting Expiration Date for Gift Cards, Account Credits and Referral Rewards

Occasion gives you the ability to automatically set expiration dates for any type of credit issued. Examples of credits would be Gift Cards purchased, Account Credits issued or Referral Rewards sent.

Please note: This feature is limited to only select plans. To see if this feature is available in your plan, visit our Pricing page

Setting Expiration Dates

To set expiration dates - visit your Account Settings page by clicking here. Expiration dates can only be set as a number of days after they are issued.

Say, you want to expire a gift cards 2 years after they are issued. You will need to calculate the number of days in two years i.e. 2 x 365 = 730 days.

  1. On your Account Settings page, scroll down to the section that reads "Gift Card, Account Credit and Referral Reward Settings".
  2. Enter the number of days for each of your credit types. Leaving the field empty will automatically make the credits perpetual for use.
  3. Click "Save" to save your settings.

Email Associated with Credits Expiration

In addition to the original email sent to the credit recipient, an expiration reminder email is sent to the recipient on the following schedule.

Time gap between issuance and expiration date  Expiration Reminder Email Sent...
30 days or more 30th day before credit expires
Between 7 and 30 days 7th day before credit expires
Less than 7 days 1 day before credit expires

Here's an example of the expiration reminder email in which a gift card is about to expire:

Common Questions:

  1. Can I manually change the expiration date of an issued credit? All expiration dates are automatically set by the software.
    While you can't change the expiration date for a specific credit, it is possible to extend the expiration dates for all gift cards expiring between the current date and a date in the future, by setting the new expiration to that date. For example: we can extend all of your gift cards, account credit and referral rewards expiring between today and Dec 30, 2021, to all expire on Dec 31,2021. 
    To request extending expiration dates, please email us with the date you'd like the gift cards to expire on, and all currently active gift cards that expire before that date, will now be set to expire at that date. Please note that already expired credits will not be affected.
  2. Can I go back and expire credits? No, once a credit has been issued to a recipient - it cannot be expired.

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