Transfer Events Between Rooms / Locations

You can easily move a listing from one room/venue to another.

In this article we look into:

How do I change the Venue?

First, make sure the new room/venue has already been created by going to Venues and Rooms. If the new room/venue is not yet created, add it by clicking on the Add New Location button on the top right.

Once the new venue appears on the Listings page, you can proceed to transfer your listing to that venue.

  1. Click "Edit Listing" for the listing you'd like to move to the new venue. This will open the Listing editor.
  2. Under the "Basic" tab on the left panel, select the new venue from the drop-down just under the listing title.

  3. Once you select the new venue, click anywhere outside of that field to save your changes automatically.

Why would I change the Venue?

Typically, this could be a simple mistake, or this could be an attempt to allow more than one event to occur at the same time when calendar collision is turned on.

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