Add, Edit and Remove Locations and Rooms

In this article, you'll learn how to manage your business locations and rooms:

To add, edit or remove locations and rooms:

  1. Login your Occasion Partner dashboard
  2. Go to Settings > Account Setting > Business Locations.

The page will look like this:

Adding a New Location

To add a new location, go to Business Locations. Then simply click on "Add Venue" button on the top-right.

Note: We recommend adding only venues that are in the same timezone. If your venues are in multiple timezones, then you should create an additional Occasion account.

When adding a new location, you can choose from three different types of locations:

  • Physical - you will be asked to provide a physical address. We use Google Places to verify your address to provide safety and security, and accurate location information to the customers. If your business address does not exist in Google Places, please refer to this article on Google Maps on how to add your business location to Google
  • Mobile - you will NOT be able to provide a physical address
  • Virtual - you will NOT be able to provide a physical address

Adding a New Room

Before we get started, let's go over some basics.

  1. A room can only be added to a physical location type. Virtual and mobile locations cannot have a room.
  2. Every location, when added, will be assigned a default room called "Main Room". You can change the room name (see "Edit" section below on the steps).
  3. Rooms are only for internal use. They are not shown to the customer.
  4. A Location can have as many rooms as possible.

Let's get started on adding a room (or rooms).

  • Once you have added a Venue, click the "Add Room" button. If you have multiple locations, then you will an "Add Room" for each location.
  • To add multiple rooms, repeat the steps above.

Editing a Location or a Room

To edit a location or a room, go to Business Locations

Why Your Rooms Are Verified Through Google

Delete a Location or a Room

Note: You cannot undo the deletion of a location or a room.

To delete a location or a room, go to Business Locations. If the room / location has any listings associated with it, you'll be asked to move all listings to a different and existing room/location when deleting the original room / location.

When you are left with the last room in your location and if your goal is to delete that last room, then you must delete the location, since a location is required to have at least one room.

Override Customer Service Contact Info

Option 1: Use a different email and phone number than what is included as your main account.

  • De-select the checkbox that says "This venue uses the same customer service information as the main account":

Option 2: Use the same customer service information as the main account.

  • Select the checkbox.
  • This information can be found by going to Settings > My account > Business Information > Scroll down to the section called "Customer Service".

Change the location for an Event

Click here to learn more about how to change the location for a listing / event

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