Emails Associated With Order Confirmation

When customers place orders on our platform, it's essential to ensure that they receive timely and accurate confirmation emails, serving as receipts for their purchases.

In this article, you will see the following:

There are two emails sent when an order is successfully booked:

  1. Order confirmation email to the customer
  2. Order confirmation email to the merchant

Examples of emails (images)

The first email is sent to the customer when an order is booked.

The  second email is to the merchant (account owner and the assigned team member) when an order is booked. 

Re-sending order confirmation emails to customers

  1. After logging into your workspace, click on "Reports" and then click on the “Orders” tile or click on "Order list" from the toolbar menu on your workspace dashboard.
  2. Find the order for which you wish to re-send the Order Confirmation Email. On the left, click the "Edit Order" button to view order details.
  3. Click “Resend Email Confirmation” on the top-right.
  4. This will send the updated order confirmation to the customer via email.

Senders Information

  1. The order confirmation email is sent to the business owner from the “” email address and the sender name is “Occasion”.
  2. The order confirmation email is sent to the customer from the “” email address and the sender name is the name of the venue (“venue_name”).

Add information to order confirmation

To customize your order confirmation emails:

  1. Click on "Email Receipts" tab in your listing editor.

  1. Customize email receipts and add information to order confirmation to your customers

Assigning more team members to receive order confirmation emails

Emails associated with orders (bookings) are sent to the following individuals. 

  • account owner
  • assigned team member
  • the customer

Here's how you can assign a new team member to receive order confirmation emails.

  1. After you have added a team member to your workspace, make sure to assign them permission to receive email confirmations for orders on listings.
  2. The invited team member will receive an email, asking them to confirm their email address.
  3. Once they confirm their email, they will be added to your team and will start receiving Order Confirmation Emails.

Moving order confirmation emails to the "Primary" tab in Gmail (merchant)

Gmail, unfortunately, has an algorithm that automatically categorizes emails into different tabs. If you find that your Occasion emails are going to your "Promotions" tab and want them to appear in your "Primary" inbox, please follow the steps below:

  1. Left-click and hold on the email to drag it from the Promotions tab over to the Primary tab. Release the mouse to drop the email into the newly selected tab. 
  2. Confirm with Gmail that you want to make this change permanent.

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