Automated Emails sent to Customers

Occasion triggers several transactional (order confirmation, cancellation etc.) and behavioral (recovery, reward etc.) emails to customers on behalf of the business.

Below is a list of emails sent along with triggers for each. If you'd like to view a record of the emails and data behind open and click date and count, you can view this by going to Reports > Automated Emails.

Note: You can resend any of these emails by going to Reports > Automated Emails and selecting "Resend Email", except for Recovery emails.

Email  Trigger Delivered
Order Confirmation
When a booking is successfully completed Immediately
Order Cancellation
When a booking is cancelled Immediately
When the event start time is # days away, (if activated)  # days before the event
Resent Order Confirmation
When the "Resend..." button is clicked on the Order page Immediately
Reschedule When booking is moved to another time slot of the same listing No email is sent
When # days have passed since the event, (if activated) # days after the event
When a customer abandons a registration without booking 4 hours after booking was abandoned
Monthly Newsletters

The very first Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of the month at 10am local time
Referral Rewards
When booking happens, (if activated) 1 hour after booking
Account credit refund
When an account credit refund is issued.
Credit card refund
When a credit card refund is issued No email is sent

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