Create a Public Calendar Using the Modern Calendar Template

To create your new public calendar using the Modern Calendar template go to Settings > Public Views and click on the Create New View button

Then follow the steps below to customize the view:

  1. From the View Fields give the view a name, and select the Modern Calendar template.
  2. From the "Color Fields" you can make further (optional) adjustments on what you'd like to show on the view and how you'd like it to appear.
    1. Choose Primary color. This is your brand color.
    2. Select whether you'd like your view to show as a calendar or a list by default. If viewing the public view on a larger screen your customers will always see the option of switching between the two (on mobile the view will always default to list for the best user experience).
    3. You can optionally make additional selections - hide images for future events, show images for past events, hide sold out listings, show venue address.
    4. Select the scope of the view - Listings or Time slots. 
      1. Choosing "Time slots" will show each time slot as a separate event (recommended for the calendar view type). 
      2. Choosing "Products" will show each listing just once, event if it has multiple time slots (recommended for the list view type).
    5. Click on "Create View"

Once you have created your view it will look like this when seen by your customers:

Calendar view type

If the selected View Type is List, there are 4 List Layouts available: Large, Condensed, Column, and Mini.

List view type > Large list layout

List view type > Condensed list layout

List view type > Column list layout

List view type > Mini list layout

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