Learning about Sales Channel sources

Occasion displays the source of your sales so it's easy for you to know where your orders are coming from.

There are several sales channel sources on Occasion:

  • Website: Sales generated on your website.
  • Email Marketing: Sales generated via your own newsletters.
  • Google Event: Sales generated from your Google Events integration.
  • Recovery Email: Sales generated from the automatic recovery email campaigns.
  • Upcoming Events Email: Sales are generated from the automatic upcoming events emails.
  • Referral: Sales are generated from the automatic referral rewards emails.
  • Quick Order: Sales from orders that have been booked through the Occasion backend.

These sales channel sources will appear in the following places:

  • Orders page
  • Live page
  • Browser push messages (if activated)
  • Text messages (if activated)
  • Merchant confirmation email (in the subject line and in the email body)

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