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Booking Fees: Gift Card Purchases

Gift Card Booking Fees are slightly different from regular Booking Fees.

If you want to learn how Booking Fees are calculated, charged, and collected, click here.

How Booking Fees are calculated

Our standard plan is a $9 per month subscription and a 4.5% booking fee. Therefore, all booking fees are 4.5% per booking, whether you pass the fee on to the customer or absorb it as the merchant.

All booking fees are capped at $ 11 per booking.

Occasion collects Gift Card Booking Fees when

  • The customer purchases a Gift Card via Occasion with a credit card.

Occasion does not collect Gift Card Booking Fees when

  • The Gift Card is ordered via Quickorder in cash.
  • The customer uses a Gift Card to pay for and book an event, but the Gift Card must cover the total in full. Gift Card booking fees are not charged upon redemption.

    For example:

    A customer books a $35 event and uses a $40 Gift Card to cover the cost. The customer will not be charged a booking fee.

    If the order is paid partially with a Gift Card and with a credit or debit card, booking fees will be charged and collected based on the total before any discount.

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