Spotlight - Event Recommendation Algorithm

Spotlight is a recommendation algorithm powered by our Occasion AI. Spotlight creates a unique set of events to recommend to each Customer with the goal of getting them to automatically discover and engage with those events.

How does the Spotlight algorithm work?

Algorithm priorities two metrics: Sales Rank and Recency.

  • Sales Rank: Events are ranked by how much sales they have received in the past 30 days.
  • Recency: Events created recently are also included to make sure newly created events also receive customer attention.

What types of Events are NOT included in Spotlight?

  • Private Events
  • Events that are in the past, or inactive.
  • Gift Cards
  • Events without any images

Where is Spotlight included?

Spotlight is included in most customer email notifications (but not all) and on Customer-facing pages like Confirmation page. Some examples are below:

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